Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

EAP Adelaide – Helping employers support and help the workforce

As an experienced counsellor with over 27 years in the field, I have helped thousands of clients through tough social, emotional and mental wellbeing issues. It gives me great pleasure to work with clients through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), as these schemes are a great way for employers to help support the wellbeing of their workforce.

BC Effective Therapies Employee Assistance Programs

Confidential help, support and counselling

When you are stressed, overwhelmed or experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, trauma or psychological distress it can be a great help to talk to a counsellor.  As a highly experienced, gentle and compassionate counsellor, I’m here to help understand the issues you face and work with you to give you all the tools, strategies and techniques that can help you through your challenges.   

Counselling for personal or workplace issues

Counselling sessions through an EAP program are strictly confidential and are aimed at helping you get to a better place and resolve your issues.  They are not reserved for workplace issues; they can cover all types of personal or social issues in or outside of the workplace including:


Anxiety & depression


Stress & overwhelm


Bullying, abuse and harassment


Grief & divorce


Addictions and substance misuse


Domestic violence & sexual abuse


Struggles with returning to work after extended leave


Mediation and help to resolve conflict

When you are suffering, it can take a great toll on your health and wellbeing.  So why not take advantage of confidential help and support.  It is totally free and all costs are covered by your employer.


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Counselling can take place at our offices, via Skype or at the workplace. Sessions usually last around 50 minutes up to one hour. Our offices are located at:

Mile End – 75 Henley Beach Road, Mile End, SA 5031

Kingston Park – 19 Pine Avenue, Kingston Park, SA 5049

Employee Assistance Programs For Employers

Setting up an EAP scheme is a great way to show you care about your team and encourage employees to get the help and support they need before a small problem can turn into a major issue. Employees value being able to openly discuss personal or workplace issues with an independent and impartial person and receive help, advice and strategies to cope with a range of different issues. Early intervention in workplace and personal issues can help decrease absences and manage internal conflicts.

BC Effective Therapies Employee Assistance Programs

Helping Employees through changes

Implementing an EAP can be a great organisational help when going through periods of change, restructuring or relocation. Team leaders and managers are often those responsible for implementing and delivering changes, so an EAP program can equip leaders and managers with the support and strategies to help them face challenging issues and access mediation services if needed to help resolve conflict.

Coaching and Counselling

As a trained clinician I have a great deal of experience in return to work and rehabilitation services and can offer both counselling and coaching.  I can work within the organisation to train team leaders in the areas of effective communication and implementation of changes as well as providing counselling support when needed.

EAP – Helping Boost Morale

EAP schemes have been shown to boost morale, can work wonders for productivity and foster a culture of organisation wellbeing.  If you would like to discuss how I can help with workforce wellbeing, please call me on 0414 755 229